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Springpharm is dynamic pharmacy with an innovative approach to the aesthetics industry and a leading exponent of medicine management in the UK. Our emphasis is to bring the industry a flexible and strategic approach that will benefit patients, prescribers and practitioners alike. A strong advocate of regulation and evidence based practice Springpharm will continue to challenge the industry.

Springpharm Ltd is a family owned business based in the Midlands. Over the coming months, we are going to be introducing many changes which we hope will improve our offering to our customers and ensure we continue to grow within the marketplace.

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This guidance is intended to be used as a reference when ordering prescription only medicines or items on a prescription. 

Private prescriptions can be written for a patient who requires a medicine or medical device. The items ordered on a prescription are for the patient named on that prescription and should not be used for a different patient. The prescription must be signed by a registered doctor, dentist or independent prescriber.   The prescription must meet all the legal requirements of a prescription for it to be valid.  When an aesthetic treatment is prescribed and it is intended to be injected into the patient the prescriber must perform a face to face consultation with the patient for that prescription.  There are several ways to play an order with Springpharm. You can use our website www.Springpharm.co.uk, fax or email a copy of the prescription through to the pharmacy, however, the original must be received by the Pharmacy within 72 hours. This is a legal requirement for the prescriber to ensure is complete.  Lastly, you can email your order and then upon collecting your order provide us with the original prescriptions.

The prescription must contain the following information for it to be complete:

• Patient Name

• Patient Address

• Patient Age if under 12 years old

• Particulars of Prescriber

• Address of Prescriber

• Signature of Prescriber (signed in ink)

• Date


The other way to order a prescription only medicine, which is intended to be used in clinics and not on a specific patient is to use a signed order. A signed order can be issued by a UK registered doctor, dentist or pharmacist. One benefit of signed order is that it will allow a clinic to order large quantities of items which can be stored in the clinic, although all quantities are at the discretion of the responsible pharmacist on that day. Similarly, you can place a signed order by faxing or emailing a copy to the pharmacy and then it is a legal requirement from the original signed order to be received within the pharmacy within 72 hours.  Nurses are unable to order stock items using a signed order as they are not listed on Schedule 17 or 22 of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012. A signed order can only be issued by UK registered Doctor, Dentists and Pharmacist. The signed order must contain the following information for it to be a complete: • Details of UK Doctor or Dentist • Signature of Prescriber • Date • Purpose of order • Items • Address to be delivered to
A signed order cannot be used to order unlicensed medicine in the UK.